EARN ON TIKTOK LIVE! We are Tiktok Interactive game Creator

Increase your audience engagement by using our games and start earning from TikTok Live

How much can you earn?

It depends on 2 factors:

  • your popularity and the number of live streaming you do
  • The more videos you make, the more followers & streamers you will have and therefore the more donations you will receive

You can earn between $50 and $500 per week. Up to $500 for the most famous accounts that stream almost all day long

What do you need to start getting famous & earning money with TikTok

A Tiktok account with 1.000 Follower

Live mobile gaming or filming with your phone’s camera

Live to PC/MAC or Live studio preferable

Only up to 1 month only you can get 50k followers. With the snowball effect, you will get more and more.

All our games run automatically

Take this opportunity now. Be the one of the first to aquire this Tiktok money making technique

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ONE Account for all GAMES ACCESS

*read terms of service before start

Our Games


Station is a game of Automatic played with your viewers on stream through chat. Your audience sent you gifts and their will be get Vip and Seat. This games make your follower grow up fast!

Cruise Port

Cruise Port is a game of Automatic played with your viewers on stream through chat. We have 8 cruise and 1 secret ship. Your audience sent you gifts and their will be get Vip or VVIP Road and Seat.

Celebrities Fighting Games

Celebrities fighting games
Is tiktok popular games with 8 world celebrities characters and world notable figures characters. Earned gift will trigger hit kick and fatality. This game will attract more visitors and viewers and generate your precious diamonds

Coin Maker Machine

Casino coin machine. This coins will be customized with your profile picture on it. Likes and messages will generate coins. Gifter will get coins equally to theirs gift.

Lets Make Love

Make puzzle with photo profile viewers and gifter

Lets Make Butterfly

Make puzzle with photo profile viewers and gifter

Squid Game

The first official round in the tournament involves all 400+ players partaking in a game of Red Light, Green Light.

Territory War

Territory War is a fun and exciting turn-based strategy game in which you control a squad for defense your base


Find the differences between the many pictures! Focus on the different details, improve your powers of observation

Sheep Fight

Join the trending in this game to Make viewers control to push opponent sheep

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can, open the games using mobile browser then cast your phone screen, or use your phone’s camera to shoot your PC/Laptop screen.

Yes of course, if your TikTok account can obtain a stream key.

Paypal and credit card

We guarantee that our games will work as expected

By doing Tiktok live games streaming, you will become more and more popular and receive more gifts

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