Here's How To Get Money From TikTok


Since its inception in 2016, the application made by ByteDance has only been used as a platform for various videos which generally only contain users who are dancing virally.

But over time, now this platform has experienced an increase in content where the videos uploaded on this platform no longer contain obscure dancing videos, but there is also a lot of educational content which is no less interesting to watch.

How To Earn Money From TikTok

TikTok platform can also be used to find rupiah coffers that not many users know about.

The reason is that so far many have thought that TikTok is only a place for various videos. In fact, if we want to learn more deeply, this platform can also be used to make money.

How to? please refer to the following editorial review regarding how to get money from TikTok that you should know.

1. Open Sponsored Content Post

The first way that users can make money on their TikTok account is by opening a Sponsored Content Post.

What is Sponsored Content Post, which is a paid collaboration between influencers (in this case, TikTok users) and certain brands to promote their products through that account.

For example, there is company A with a lip rouge product. Because your TikTok account is considered to have a lot of followers, later company A will contact you to promote the lip rouge product through a video that will be uploaded to your account.

2. Endorsements

Similar to the first point, to be able to make money from TikTok you can also open product endorsements to promote through your own account.

If someone asks, then what’s the difference between Sponsored Content Post and Endors? the difference lies in the type of video uploaded.

Usually Sponsored Content Post video material has been prepared by the advertiser/company, while for Endorsement the owner of the TikTok account will make the video himself.

3. Donate or Payout Coins

Furthermore, to be able to make money from TikTok, users can do this by collecting “donations” that fans give when you do live streaming on TikTok.

Later, when you broadcast live or live stream, the TikTok platform allows your viewers or viewers to give gift stickers which can later be exchanged for some money.

4. Open the TikTok Shop

For those who don’t know, the TikTok Shop is a feature for making online buying and selling transactions for TikTok application users directly from the application.

So you can carry out product promotions and buy and sell directly on the TikTok platform without the need to move to another application.

The features provided in the TikTok Shop do not require a specific web address, which is usually directed from the respective Facebook and Instagram accounts.

So, all transactions, from chatting to product payments, can all be done in the one TikTok application.

This is information from the editor about several ways to get money from TikTok that you can try.

Actually there are quite a number of methods for making money from TikTok, but the method that the editors reviewed above is the most popular and most likely method to do.

But keep in mind, before deciding to monetize your TikTok account in the above way, make sure you have a large number of followers or followers first.

Because the number of your followers will determine whether a brand or company will contact you later.