Port Cruise Live Game Tiktok Streaming

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port cruise tiktok

Port Cruise Game Tiktok is currently available on Streamac.com

Port Cruise Game Tiktok for tiktok which can quickly increase the number of followers. This game is very interactive. viewer giving a gift rose will become a VIP player and if giving a gift lollipop will become a VVIP player. This game is very fun and not boring the viewer.

There are many cruises and 1 secret ship when given a gift crown will bring it up.

We often came across mini-games similar to this game, which gather a huge audience. Is it worth talking about viewer engagement? Now you have a unique opportunity to conduct such streams!

1-You want to start you own stream on TIKTOK:

  • Subscribe on Streamac.com
  • Once the payment is done you will get all Streamac games access. One Account can access all games 

2-How it works:

  • Login to Streamac.com
  • Enter to member area and find Streamac games list
  • Select the game you want. click start session then fill in your tiktok username
  • Click generate click copy URL and paste the link in your browser or OBS and run it
  • Run your live on tiktok then return to your browser and click connect
  • You can change and upload image for your castle image game
  • Congratulations, Territory War has connected to your TikTok live stream


You can find a quick tutorial on Streamac common guide or you reach our discord channel

*minimum delay: the time between playing that sound in order to avoid repetition…


-It is important that each user must have their own method to make the live stream. (We do not Sell access to LIVE  with this game)

-The most used currently are: TIKTOK LIVE STUDIO, using a stream key (not included when buying any software from us) , XSplit or OBS.

-It is important to know that streaming this type of games may entail to get Violation Warning and I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR IT. The reason for that is not clear and we are trying to reach TIKTOK to resolve the issue.


Do not insult / Don’t spam. /  Do not sell anything to users


  • Do I make game under request?  yes ( it will cost you extra & delivery depends on my time )
  • Do I get follower while streaming?  Yes, it is not fixed but in my case +50, 500 up to 1k per day 
  • How much do you earn? It is completely random but usually from 5$ per day to 100$ (on the weekends …). But nothing is guaranty it depends on you and your account/follower etc. (this is only my experience )